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Intentional | 2020 Word of the Year

January 3, 2020

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You know how they say “hindsight is 2020”? Well, I decided that my 2020 word of the year would be ‘Intentional’, because I don’t want that to be true for us.

I’ll be honest with you-2019 was kind of a year of suck. We had decided that Justin would go back to school in the winter of 2018. We had struggled to find him a good paying job with the skills that he had, and with many prayers, lots of tears, and some stress eating, we decided that him going back to school would be in our best interest. We knew that we could get him into mostly online classes with the major that he decided seemed most interesting (he landed on cyber security-who’da thunk!?), and I was lucky enough to snag a spot as a Dental Assistant Coordinator at a local community clinic. Little did I know that the cultural differences at the clinic, the politics there, and the amount of catty drama was going to be overwhelming. I was over it way before my 90 days (I stuck it out past my 90 days), but in March, I reached out to my old dental office. By the grace of God the stars aligned, and I was able to go back to the office that I loved and was “home” for me for almost 6 years. It’s been great to be back there this year, and it’s helped my mental state quite a bit. It also helps that i’m really only part time in the office- dentists don’t work more than 32 hours a week. Perks. HA!

My word of the year for 2019 was ‘Trust’.

I had to trust that things were going to be okay at home. I knew that Justin was capable of watching the babies, and I knew Raylee would be going to school, so really, he only had to keep Jackson from getting into everything. I had to trust that I would be able to support the family, and be able to help pay for Justin to go back to school. I had to trust that we could do it all together, and that the next 4 years would be over before we knew it, and we would look back and be so grateful for overcoming the trials that were laid in front of us.

SO I did. I trusted the process. I trusted the suck. I trusted God and his timing, and ya know what, we’re still here to talk about it. 🙂

2020 word of the year photo of my family

With almost one year down of school for Justin, we’ve almost gotten into a rhythm of how things work for us now. I work hard, he works hard, the babies grow, and the big rock we are spinning on continues to go around and around. Because I felt last year that I was just hanging on, I knew I wanted this year to be more intentional. I knew I wanted to be more intentional with my time, with my business, with my dental office, my friendships, and just in life in general.  I want to be more consistent with working ON my business and not IN it. I only have 24 hours in a day, and I enjoy sleeping too much to interfere with those 8-9 hours, so I have to be intentional to where my energy and attention goes (goodbye scrolling social media for hours and hours).  All that said, I’m only booking a limited amount of weddings this year. I do have availability at this point and am booking 2021 weddings already, so don’t hesitate to reach out!!!!

I’ll forever be grateful that I’ve been able to implement workflows into my business so that it could almost run itself.  If I could give someone starting a business now a tip, it would be just that! Be smart with your time, and you’ll never regret it. Be INTENTIONAL! I’m excited to see what this year has in store for us!!!


So now I want to know- Do you give yourself a word or phrase for the year to focus on? If so, what’s yours for 2020?


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I'm Misty! Welcome to the blog where I share the beautiful parts of my business. You'll find tips, tricks, and stunning images. 

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