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Trust | 2019 Word of the Year

Not only do I love writing my dreams and goals for the year, but I also love having a word of the year to focus on. Last year I chose Inspire and Connection for my pair of words for the year because I couldn’t narrow in on one of them. This year I had things a little more clear and settled on one that really speaks to me at this time.

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The other day I was at a staff meeting at work and someone asked what loyalty meant to us. Someone mentioned friendship. Someone said “doing whatever you can to help”. But one that really stood out to me was Trust. I think that any relationship will fail if trust doesn’t exist. Be it your friendships, your relationship with your kids, even your marriage- without trust, it cannot work.

I’ve been very fortunate with the couples that I on-board the last few years. I’ve realized when I can take the time to educate them, and build that TRUST, that our experience together is so much better. I want to continue to build that trust with my couples. I want them to know that i’m here to answer questions, lead them to help, and give them advice. I want them to trust the information I can give them, and I also want them to trust the vision. Sometimes I get crazy ideas, and more often than not, my clients are all for it. I’m excited to stretch myself more this year and work on really breaking through those boundaries that I have put up for myself. My clients just have to trust the process. 🙂

Do you believe in having a work for the year? Maybe it’s a phrase that you focus on? I want to know what yours is! Share it in the comments!!



  1. Debbie

    January 15th, 2019 at 7:06 am

    Mine is “Wait”. I need to remind myself to just wait a little bit before I buy things or jump into situations or so on. Great word of the year, Mis!

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