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Dreams and Goals for 2020 | Misty C. Photography Blog

Happy New Year!!!! We made it another trip around the sun, folks!!! Last Friday, I wrote about my word of the year, and today I figured it would be fitting to mention my dreams and goals for 2020. I had a few goals last year that I didn’t reach. I also had some that I crushed, and I’m grateful for those!! Like I said last year, I’m never interested in the “new year, new me” saying but I do believe that micro changes in us can give us macro results. I’ll continue to make small changes in order to make a larger impact, and keep on being the best ME I can be (given my circumstances) and I won’t punish myself when I have pitfalls. Having kids has at least taught me that. HA. Anyways…Let’s take a look at my 2019 goals…

dreams and goals for 2020


  • Get in better shape. Work out 3 days a week. – This was a HUGE fail. This summer, I got into a good habit of going on walks everyday after work. The sun was still out when I got home from work, and it was still warm, but as soon as it started getting dark before I got home, this stopped. I’m a fair weather worker-outer. HA!
  • Eat less sugar.  -I’m starting this month with another Whole30. I did on January of last year. Crushed it, and then stress ate my way through the year. THIS YEAR IS IT!
  • Pay off car–  uhhhhh. We actually traded in that car, and bought two more. Long story. Trust me, you don’t want to hear it.
  • Read/listen 2 books a month- I don’t think I got 2/month, but I definitely finished quite a few.


  • Shoot 12-15 weddings –strolled in with 13!!! It was an amazing year!! I love my clients, and 2019 will be a hard one to beat!
  • Start booking 2020 weddings– check
  • Plan IG Monthly — also fail, but I was consist with posting, and engaging with others.
  • Record at least bi-monthly for Boss Babes Unite — Me and Raelene took a hiatus from BBU. We’ve talked about recording again, but haven’t been able to make our schedules line up.
  • Make client gifts more personal — I’m ALWAYS working on this one!!
  • Cultivate more vendor relationships- 1 per month –I’ll be honest. I could have been better with this. BUT I met with three-four of my FAVORITE local photographers at least once a month. And DANG i love those girls!!!
  • I’M COUNTING THIS– years ago I had a goal to be published in a magazine. I was two years ago in Oregon Bride, but it was ONE photo, in a corner. This year I was featured with our Oakshire Estate shoot in Apple Brides, and I’m freaking STOKED about it!

It was a pretty good year goal wise. It was pretty clear my business goals had a better outcome than my personal goals. This year, I want to be more INTENTIONAL and crush those personal goals too! So here it is- out there in the universe. My 2020 goals…


  • Get in better shape. Work out 30 min-4 days a week. – I’m getting more particular this year.
  • Eat less sugar.  -I started this month with another Whole30. So doing good so far!
  • Pay for Justin’s School without taking out a school loan
  • ‘Come Follow Me’ as a family– it’s a church thing, and we need to do better
  • Go on Vacation for our 10th anniversary!!!


  • Shoot 10-12 weddings
  • Start booking 2021 weddings
  • Post/Engage consistently, but effectively on IG-
  • Grow vendor relationships

This year I might not have the biggest dreams and goals, but I didn’t get a few of them accomplished in 2019, so I gotta keep those up. Also, it’s also our 10th anniversary, so that’s a goal in and of itself! 😀 Happy New Years guys!!! What’s a big scary goal you have?!



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