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If you're up for a few adventures and eskimo kisses (with each other, not with me...obviously), then

I'm Your Girl!

About ME

My favorites titles are

wife, mom, and photographer...

I'm a 3W2, a wife to a bearded guy who happened to fall in love with me in high school. 
I'm a momma to two kids who I adore and my fur baby - a naughty golden retriever named Dug.

I believe that you CANNOT choose between pizza or tacos. It's impossible.

I don't do scary movies, but you bet your backside I'm ALL about true-crime-Hello, Crime Junkies!   

Read on to find out more. 

my favorite things:


My Family

I come from a family of 5 girls. Spending time with my family (extended too) is definitely one of my top 10 favorite things.


guilty pleasure

Buying too many eyeshadow palettes. Or any makeup for that matter. And water bottles....and fuzzy blankets...



Spending time outside always makes me feel grounded. You can't beat the peace that you feel outside away from the world and truly unplugged.



Our crazy/silly/psycho golden retriever Dug. He's the craziest dog I've ever met, but we love him.



It is too hard to pick just one favorite human, but ONE of my favorites is my husband, Justin. He deals with my madness and overworking tendencies. He helps hold things together when I overwork...always. Love him bunches!


part of my job

When my couple walks down the aisle for the first time as Mr & Mrs!! 

about you

My clients appreciate communication, love a little direction, and are searching for the perfect fit...

I'm sure you have looked through what seems like a million photographer's website in search for the one that you truly connect with. My promise to you is that I'm in the corner from the moment you book me. My wish is that you trust me as a hired professional to help you have the best wedding day possible.

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