Hey-o!! My name is Misty, and I'm so happy you found me!

I'm an elopement and wedding photographer in Washington state for awesome humans that believe in squinty-eyed smiles, open mouth laughs, and cheesy "dad jokes".

Did we just become best friends?

You should probably know

01. who i am

I'm a lover, not a fighter, a 3W2 if you're into the Enneagram mumbo-jumbo, a wife to a bearded guy who just so happened to fall in love with me in high school.  I believe that you CANNOT choose between pizza or tacos. It's impossible.  I don't do scary movies, but you bet your backside I'm ALL about true-crime-Hello, Crime Junkies! I love summer time, hate the snow, and love the fact that we live so close to the river. I've ridden motorcycles since I can remember. I love them. I'm a momma to two kids who I adore, and my fur baby - a naughty 1 year old golden retriever.  

02. what matters to me

Besides what I just mentioned, I love my clients. What matters most to me with you is the ability for you to fully TRUST me. If you have questions during your wedding process, my hope is that you feel you can ask me for an honest and professional opinion, and also trust me as your photographer.

03. my hope for you

You will have struggles, sad times, and even angry moments during your marriage, but I hope that you can look back at your wedding day photos, and it can help hold the pieces together. Your wedding day comes and goes, and photos are one of the only things that you are left with besides the memories. I want to give you an amazing experience, but also give you photos that you are excited about, capture those in between moments that you might forget about over the years, and make things easier for you throughout the process.



I Love Elephants. Someday i will ride one.

I was born and raised in small towns, but I have a love affair with the city.



I know a ridiculous amount of trivia, and because of that, jeopardy is one of my favorite shows.

I've been working in the dental field for 10 years (and counting), and love every bit of it. Pretty teeth make me happy.



I love wearing jeans and a t-shirts, but that doesn't ever stop me from dressing up when I get the chance.

I am known to be an expert hugger.



There's only two things that i really hate food wise- Onions and Mustard (Unless it's on a hot dog).

Chocolate is my weakness. And peanut butter cookies. And Pizza.



I love to shoot guns, but hate fireworks because they're too loud.

I'm a daddy's girl, and i'll probably cry during your daddy/daughter dance.

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