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Planning a Budget-Friendly Bachelorette Party | For Brides

December 16, 2019

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Planning a Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding is expensive! Not the just the wedding, but all the festivities before-hand start to rack up, and it’s important keep that in mind!! One thing that can do is make sure you’re planning a budget friendly bachelorette party. Once you have an idea of what you would like to do for her bachelorette party, get ahead of researching and planning, the sooner the better! With these festivites now being weekend-long events, planning ahead of time could really cut costs. I wanted to give you a few tips to ensure costs are kept within reason and you get a proper send-off!


Planning a budget friendly bachelorette party using air bnb

With it becoming more popular to have destination bachelorette parties one major cost is where everyone will stay. Hotels can be pricey and rooms can only be split among so many girls. Consider looking into housing rentals in the area that has enough sleep space for the size of your crew and then everyone can go in on the price of the rental. With noted Air Bnb rental resource you can find a perfect space and often the renters can even give you suggestions about what to do or where to eat in the area. That, and it’s way more fun to party in the same house rather than everyone in their different rooms!


Planning a budget friendly bachelorette party using air bnb

Another trendy bachelorette to-do is to have all the ladies coordinate their clothing. You wear white and then the rest of your girls are in another color. Some parties go as far as to have shirts printed up to commemorate the weekend. You’ll also need to consider how many nights you’ll all be going out. How many party dresses you will need versus clothing suitable for your day plans? Chances are, with all the different color-coordinating or style expectations, you might need to invest in a few new outfits. Whether you’re looking for day or night styles or outfits that easily transition from day to night, consider reliable and chic go-to brands like Free People. Stay in your budget by trying your luck at secondhand shopping. You can even find thrifted Free People clothing for less and be the envy of the party when they find out how much you saved!


It’s common for the bridesmaids to get the house all decked out before you arrive. Shop around to get a feel for the prices of the items you want so you can prioritize which will give the most visual interest for their cost. Balloons tend to be one of the most festive decorations you can get, but between helium (there’s a shortage, that’s a thing!) and the balloon weights they can be expensive. An alternative would be to blow them up yourselves and use varying lengths of string per balloon bunch and hang them from the ceiling or on an arch frame. This way they are still delivering on their party-feel without the extra costs. There are also party decoration packages now, which can be ordered in a variety of colors. Save yourself the running around and find a coordinated decoration set that fits your needs. 


Planning a budget friendly bachelorette party using air bnb

The added benefit of renting a house means that groceries can be purchased and food can be refrigerated and cooked right at the house. If everyone pitched in towards food for the weekend it would be much cheaper than having to rely on eating out for all of your meals for the duration of your stay. Check out recipes designed to feed a crowd and you’ll be sure no one goes hungry!

I hope this has helped you out with keeping one of your parties before the big day more budget friendly!!!!


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