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Wahluke High School Senior | Mattawa WA | Patty

It is really making me so happy that I have had so many of the Wahluke High School senior class getting their pictures done this year! Since I started my business, there has been this lull in seniors getting their photos done here in Mattawa, and it made me so sad.

Getting my senior photos done was so much fun. It’s like the first time I had real photos of just myself, and it’s at a time that you are (most likely) in the best state physically and mentally. It’s just a great time to have tangible evidence that you were athletic, and skinny- at least in my case. HA!

I was so happy when Patty asked if i was able to do her senior photos. She’s such a pretty girl, and I just knew we were going to get some amazing shots. I was a little surprised when the day before the session, when i had told her I would tell her where and when we would meet, she asked what time in the morning that we were going to meet. All along, I had been assuming she knew that i meant 5 o’clock PM, when she was really thinking 5 AM. Luckily, for both of us, the sun doesn’t rise that early anymore, and we didn’t have to wake up at 4 AM, but i did get to see the sunrise–something I haven’t seen for quite a while- at least not voluntarily. We met around 7 AM, and it worked out perfectly because she happened to have late start that morning. We drove out to our location and had some AMAZING light. There’s something about the light around here some fall that is just stunning. It may have been freezing, but this girl rocked her session.

Patty is a cheerleader at Wahluke, and from the looks of it, she was made for it. She’s such a beautiful girl, and seems like she is always smiling. At one point, I told her to give me a serious face, and I think I got more laughs out of that than the serious face I was looking for, but it was great! She really is a gorgeous girl, smiling, or laughing when i tell her to be serious.

Over the next year, she will decide where she really wants to go for college. She isn’t sure what she wants to do, but she knows she wants a career. She may start at a community college, get her degree, then head off to a university once she decides what she really wants to do. She is leaning towards nursing though, as long as she can get over poking people with needles. 😉

Wahluke High School Senior girl under bridge photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl in trees photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl in field by river photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl walking in trees photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl on bridge photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl standing on bridge photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl sitting on logs photo

Wahluke High School Senior girl leaning against bridge photo

I can’t wait to see how far you go, Patty, and good luck with your senior year of high school! Have a blast!! 😀




  1. Jill Marie says:

    What a beauty!! These are lovely 🙂

  2. Cinnamon Ruvolo Wolfe says:

    So lovely! I love her outfit choices too!!

  3. Lee says:

    So pretty! I love these!

  4. Lee Mitchum says:

    So pretty! I love these!

  5. Candi Leonard says:

    I love these! Pretty location and pretty girl too!

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