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Dreams and Goals for 2019 | Misty C. Photography Blog

Happy New Year!!!!! I’ve never been one of those  “new year-new me” people, but definitely believe in the power of goal setting and then making them happen! The past few years I’ve wrote my dreams and goals for the next year, and it’s been a blessing. It’s fun to be able to go back, see what my goals were, see which ones I crushed, and which ones I need to continue to work on. Honestly, this year has not been the best for us. It was stressful and extremely hard on the personal side of things, for many too many reasons to name, and I am exceptionally happy to work towards a better year this year. I know we’ll still have challenges, and at times we’re taking them one day, or even an hour, at a time, but we’ll get through this and see how we’re stronger because of it.

dreams and goals for Misty C.

I did want to take a second and talk about my goals from 2018….


  • Get in better shape. Work out 4 days a week.  –I failed….miserably at this actually. I’ve just got to keep working at it.
  • Pay off school loans!!  –WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! We paid off all my school loans this year and that was a HUGE blessing when Justin lost his job. HUGE!
  • Read 2 books a month –I’m saying that audio books totally count here, and I didn’t get the 2 a month, but I did read some killer business books this year!
  • Read scriptures every day –Also didn’t do great at this.


  • Shoot 8-10 weddings  (This year I have to be strategic with what weekends I have. I don’t want to shoot every weekend like I did this last July.) –It’s safe to say I CRUSHED this. After Justin lost his job, I had a “book all the weddings” laps of weakness, and ended up working with 13 amazing couples this year.
  • Start booking 2019 weddings -Check.
  • Streamline client gifts  –I’m continually working on this.
  • Outsource wedding editing –YAAASSS! I had my life back this year! While all my photographer friends were struggling towards the fall with editing, I was completely caught up. With EVERYTHING. Best investment EVER.
  • Blog every wedding -YES! I think EVERY one has a story that matters, so you’ll always see all the weddings that I shoot. I don’t only show the “BEST” ones. EVERY story matters.

I failed some, I crushed others. But I’m pretty proud of the how things went!

NOW!!! For 2019…


  • Get in better shape. Work out 3 days a week. -I need to just make this a habit. I’ll keep working at it!
  • Eat less sugar.  -This is kind of a cop out. Literally ANYTHING would be less sugar at this point. HAHA!
  • Pay off car–  We paid everything BUT our car off last year, now we just have that last bill to pay off.
  • Read/listen 2 books a month


  • Shoot 12-15 weddings –I’m halfway there!
  • Start booking 2020 weddings
  • Plan IG Monthly
  • Record at least bi-monthly for Boss Babes Unite
  • Make client gifts more personal
  • Cultivate more vendor relationships- 1 per month –I know. Wow, Misty. Don’t outdo yourself. But I had to start my “grown-up” job this year, so I have to focus my time SO well that I know I don’t want to overstretch myself and not have time with my kiddos.

This year, I have a unwritten goal to work smarter, not harder. Like I mentioned, I went back to working in a dental office, and it’s been stressful doing that to support my family, making sure there’s groceries at the house, making sure I’m not getting sick (which I did, and it’s been almost a month and it’s still KICKING. MY. TRASH.), and trying to keep my business from falling behind. I’ve been overwhelmed the past few weeks, and my body took the brunt force of it. I hope that as things mellow out, then i’ll feel like I can breath a little better. Here’s to hoping 2019 turns out better than 2018! 😛


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