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Things I Wish All Wedding Clients Knew | Wenatchee and Seattle Wedding Photographer

There are so many memes out there on the internet that joke about what we, as professional photographers, wish our clients knew. So many times I have heard other photographers get so upset with their clients because they expect more than they are given, or one reason or another. I wanted to start this short series about things I wish all wedding clients knew because the best way to avoid confrontation, confusion, or hurt feelings is COMMUNICATION!!!

Wenatchee and Seattle Wedding Photographer Funny photography memeBrutal, right!?

Things I Wish All Wedding Clients Knew

Details Matter

The details of your wedding (invitations, dress, shoes, jewelry, florals, etc.) are what make your wedding unique and different. They are also the things you spend hours and hours working on, and paying for. So make sure they are easily accessible and ready to be photographed on your wedding day.

Have Your Photographer Eat When You Do

No one enjoys having their photo take when they are eating, so by having your photographer eat the same time, you are avoiding that.

Pinterest is Great, BUT…..

Everyone loves Pinterest, myself included. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a collection of the best images out there. It’s not a whole wedding day collection. I urge people to break away from copying ideas and instead make your own come to life. Styles are always evolving. Just make it YOU!

What Takes So LONG!!

I completely understand that everyone wants to see their images right away. Please understand that a lot goes into your images after the wedding day. Every photo that is taken at your wedding is looked through, duplicates out of focus, and unflattering images are removed. The remaining images are then individually edited to make sure the color and exposure is correct. Once that’s finished, some light retouching may be completed. The images are then uploaded online to be viewed, shared and printed.  The images will be available 3-4 weeks after the wedding day. I try to get them to my clients as soon as possible without losing any quality of the images.

There’s so many things that go into wedding photography, or any photography really, but good communication from photographer to client makes things SO much better in the end. As a client, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!! To see more of what to expect when you work with me, check out this blog post HERE!



  1. Meredith Ryncarz says:

    Great post . . wish more brides knew this

  2. Mahlia Dooley says:

    These are awesome tips for so many newlyweds as they are planning their weddings!

  3. So. right. there. with. you!!! Wish all brides + grooms knew all this valuable info!

  4. Sara O'Hara says:

    Love these! Such great reminders 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Hello. My fiance Tristan and I are interested in your prices for our March weddimg next year. Thank you

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