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Friday Facts | 4 Things You May Not Know About Misty C. Photography

March 4, 2016

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I know of a few fellow photographers around here who love to post fun Friday facts posts, and I have always wanted to do the same. Everything from what fun things they did that week, to just random pieces of information that you don’t know about them, to fun things that they know! I’m just ending my slow time of year, and don’t always have sessions to post, and I can’t always think of educational posts for my brides, but I’m pretty much an expert on all things Misty. 🙂

Friday Facts Misty C. Photography

Here we go!


I’m an Expanded Function Dental Auxillary. Did you get all that?!  HA!

Friday Facts Misty C. Photography Dental joke

I’m a dental assistant, but I’ve had extra training and testing to be able to place restorations (fillings) and take impressions for crowns and any other permanent restoration. It’s been a lot of fun. I was working full time in a dental office until I had my baby, and now I only do it once a week, just to keep up my skills. I really do love it! One of the most rewarding parts is giving people their smiles back.

Unnecessary Knowledge

My husband always tells me I know a crazy amount of useless information. In high school, one of my favorite shows was Jeopardy, and a lot of the time I knew the answers. If you have never heard of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers, you need them in your life. They are full of random, fun facts. They’re pretty great. 😉

Here’s some fun facts for you…
— There’s a carpenter ant called the velvety tree ant that smells like rotten bananas when you squish it. True story!
— I’m pretty good at identifying different species of mosquitos.
— An aglet is the hard part on the end of your shoelace.
— An eggsack of a cockroach is called an oothecae (oh-thee-ka).

It’s a pretty often occurrence that we’ll be arguing about something and I’ll pop off with some random info, and just get a “how do you know THAT!?” look. I’m pretty used to it by now.


So it might not be SEVERE, but i’m kind of terrified of the dark. I’m one of those people that will turn the lights off at bed time and run and jump into bed and throw the covers over me before the boogey man can get me. HA!!!!! I think it’s because I have watched WAY too many scary movies.  I know I can’t be the only one! 😛

Pest Control

While I was going to college for dental assisting, I was also a pest control worker. You know, the nerdy guy that comes to your house to spray for spiders, crawl in your crawl space for mice, or tell you that your house is getting eaten by termites. THAT was me (except not the nerdy guy part!) It was a pretty common occurance to have a guy answer the door and be like “uh, is this a joke?!” or “where’s the guy with the glasses?” or “wait! YOU are going to crawl under my house because I’m too chicken to do it?” HA! Yup, it was always pretty entertaining. And it also helped with a lot of those random fun facts that I know! 😉

Story time: One time I was out working and I had to go to a lady’s house that had been having issues with, uh, something. She wasn’t sure what it was. When I got there and heard what she had to say, I had a pretty good idea it wasn’t JUST a mouse or a squirrel. She explained to me that her and her cat were sleeping one night when they heard something in the kitchen. Her bedroom door was open and she could see into it just a sliver, but she saw something standing up on it’s back legs that was about 3 feet tall, and had big beady green eyes. She said her cat looked at her like “WHAT WAS THAT!?” and they both hid under the covers.

So there I was, trying to not laugh at what I just heard, but I had a job to do. I scoured the house up one way and down the other trying to find ANY sign of ANYTHING getting into her house. Nothing. I even called another guy in to come help me to see if i was missing. NOTHING! After we explained to her that we hadn’t found any sort of mouse/squirrel/raccoon activity, she was so concerned. She told us that’s what the last three pest control workers had told her, and she was certain that we would be the ones to figure it out. She then told us that the last pest control guy told her she needed a bible, because he was sure it was a demon, or she was going crazy.

I couldn’t hold it in at that point and I laughed. “This CANNOT be real life!?” But I assure you, it was. It REALLLLY was.

So…moral of the story. If you think there’s some crazy animal in your house, read your bible. HA!

Hope you guys enjoyed these little facts about yours truly! Have any of you had any crazy jobs before you ended up in photography?! I want to know!!


  1. Ah I love these!!! I can totally picture the lady and her cat hiding!! That has to have been a n interesting job for sure!

  2. Eric Gay says:

    I hate when my aglets break off!!

  3. Leslie Ann says:

    Jump into bed before the boogey man gets you!! I am dying!!! lol

  4. Leslie Ann says:

    Stunning photo by the way!

  5. christina says:

    There’s no way that I could even be a pest control lady! I’m absolutely terrified of spiders….and no way would I crawl under someone’s house. Kuddos to you girl!!!

  6. Mahlia says:

    I always love reading these type of things! Every person is so unique & has such an interesting background

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