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Top 12 First Dance Songs for 2020 | For Brides

Today I’m bringing you a post that i’ve been siting on for, what feels like, forever!!! I drive a ton lately, and almost every morning i’ll hear a song and think it’s would be perfect for a first dance song, so today, I’m sharing the top 12 first dance songs for 2020!

Top 12 first dance songs of 2020

Looking at my list, you can probably tell what I listen to most (*cough* country), but I also added a few songs that weren’t. I love each of these songs for individual reasons, and if you haven’t heard them yourself, just click the links and it’ll send you to theYoutube video of each one. Without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing
    I heard this song for the first time at a wedding 3 years ago. I hadn’t even heard of Ray LaMontagne before I found out this was their wedding song, but I made them practice their first dance during their engagement session, and fell in love with this song. It’s a little more upbeat, and perfect if you aren’t wanting to do a penguin shuffle. HA!
    Top 12 first dance songs of 2020

  2. LANCO- The Greatest Love Story
    This one may go without saying. Every time I hear that song and Justin (my hubby) is around, I look at him because this was totally us. Dated in high school, went different directions, came back home, got back together, the rest is history. This song takes you through all that, and if that’s your relationship’s story too, this is a perfect first dance song!

  3. Luke Combs- Beautiful Crazy
    I just love Luke Combs voice. This song is so dang sweet, and a pretty perfect description of most love stories.

  4. Matt Stell- I Prayed For You
    If you feel like your life was full of looking, and praying to find the right one and once they finally came, it was like a miracle you had asked for, THIS song is for you.

  5. Halsey- Finally // beautiful stranger
    Yahoo! Not a country song. Halsey has such a smooth voice, and I always picture a bride with her head placed gently on her groom’s shoulder with the room dimly lit. Perfect.

  6. Caleb Edens – I Chose You
    Another not so famous song that I think is a perfect fit for a first dance song. More upbeat again. Just a fun song.

  7. Chris Stapleton- Millionaire
    “Love is more precious than gold, can’t be bought and can’t be sold….” with the deep, raspy voice of Chris Stapleton. This one is a hard one to beat for a first dance song.

  8. James Arthur- Say You Won’t Let Go
    I love this song. It’s just that simple. You should love it to. 🙂
    Top 12 first dance songs of 2020
  9. Lee Brice- I Don’t Dance
    I know a ton of guys that don’t dance, and their first dance is a huge point of anxiety for them. Silly, right?! I’d done some breathing exercises with grooms before because of just that. It happens, but this song is perfect for those guys.
  10. P!nk ft Chris Stapleton- Love Me Anyway
    I can’t get away from Chris’ voice, and mix it with P!nk, and you have a match made in heavy for your first dance song.
  11. Scotty McCreery- This Is It
    An older song, but still a great one!
  12. Day & Shay- Speechless 
    I wish I could count how many weddings I’ve been to and this song was a huge part of it. It’s just a great one for any first dance song.

Those are just my top 12 first dance songs for 2020. I’ve got even more of these posts in mind (hint: we’ll keep your party going with the rest!), and hope this may have helped you picked some options for your first dance song!!



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