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On this installation of Introduction Friday, which is really Monday, I wanted to introduce you to the newest Misty C. member-Jackson Reed.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you have known that I was pregnant, and if you WEREN’T following along, then now you know. I had a relatively smooth pregnancy with Jackson, and a SUPER easy deliver. When I was pregnant with Raylee, I made sure to take notes throughout my pregnancy so I could go back and look at them with any kids I had after her (which I was grateful for this time around), and I knew I wanted to do with with Jackson as well. Here’s a little breakdown of that.

4 weeks- we’re pregnant!!! Justin kept asking me days leading up to when I should have taken the test. I was nervous and anxious to find out, but scared what would happen if we weren’t pregnant

6 weeks- me and Raylee were going on waterfall adventures up to me being 6 weeks.

7 weeks- nausea started to settle in. I thought it wouldn’t be as bad because it slowly crept in

8 weeks- nausea was in full force. If I ate something it wasn’t as bad, but that left me feeling like I needed to eat all the time.

10 weeks- went in for a Doppler reading and they couldn’t find peanut. They took out their ultrasound machine and the dr told me “this doesn’t look promising for a 10 week ultrasound. I had to wait 2 hours to get an ultrasound done. I was nervous and called Justin crying. Prayed and felt sort of comforted. Went in to the ultrasound tech and they did a vaginal ultrasound. My uterus was tipped so they just couldn’t see it, and the baby measured 9 weeks instead of 10 so we pushed my due date from 2/2 to 2/10, but all was well

14 weeks- started to feel more “normal”- less nausea

16 weeks- started stressing about bleeding. This is when I hemorrhage with Raylee.

18 weeks- started to feel monkey move! It literally feels like butterflies, but then makes me feel kind of sick

19 weeks 3 days- it’s a BOY!!! We went in for ultrasound and everything is looking great! I’m feeling pretty good, but still feel like I need a nap after lunch every day.  Jackson was breech but they’re not worries since it’s so early. He was squished up like a frog on my uterus so they have to check his spine and legs again in 4 weeks. Did a 3D ultrasound and it was kind of scary. Looked like a skeleton. I’m excited to go find some cute boy clothes!!!

24 weeks- Back to the doctor for another ultrasound. Jackson is still breech, but they’re still not worried. Still couldn’t see his spine because he was in a funny position. I have to do my glucose test next appointment, and I’m super nervous that I’ll have gestational diabetes. Sleeping is getting more uncomfortable.

26 weeks- Becky passed away. It was hard, and I’m emotional, but feel at peace with all of it. I still cry when I hear sad songs, but it’ll get easier and we’ll see her again.

27 weeks- flew to AZ for United!! I was so swollen the whole week because I was either on my feet or sitting all day. I was kind of depressed the whole week, and ended up crying the first and second night in bed. I missed Justin and Raylee, and I was just sad. I felt lonely. I demoted myself from first class so I could even get home sooner. It was fun to see online friends, but it was definitely good to be home and sleep in my own bed again.

28 weeks 3 days- my pregnancy pillow makes sleeping SO much better this time around, but Justin hates it because we take up the whole bed. Went to the dr again yesterday and finally got a good shot of Jackson’s spine. Dr couldn’t see the lumbar region great, but she said she’s signing it off. Everything else looks good. Passed my glucose test, WOOT WOOT!!! I was super stressed that I wasn’t going to. Also hadn’t gained any weight since last appt, which is super. I got a flu shot and another dTap so they poked me 3 times and the appointments lasted all morning, but hopefully the rest will all be smooth sailing. I asked the dr when we start to worry that he’s breech and she’s too funny. She told me “well, we’ll just say that he’ll just turn on his own as it gets closer and that’s that!” HA. I like her style. We tried to get a 3d image during ultrasound yesterday, but his hands AND HIS FEET were in his face. We got some cute pictures of his little feet though. He’s measuring over 29 weeks, so my initial due date (Feb. 2) might be more accurate after all, but we’ll see how things look in a month. Heart burn is creepin’ in on me, and I can’t eat too much (which is kind of a blessing) or it comes on strong. Nothing in particular seems to set it off, just when I am too full. My wedding ring still fits, but I think it helps that it’s colder. My ankles are definitely puffy though.

32 weeks- still breech. Gained 7 lbs this month. Dr said “you didn’t gain any weight last month, but this one we had a growth spurt!” 😂 everything looks WNL. Heart beat 150/min. Still growing!

34/35 weeks- getting harder to sleep and get comfortable. He gets hiccups and I can feel it in my tail bone. He also head butts my rib cage and it feels great. Heartburn is easing up so I think he’s dropping lower. He’s super active at night and after breakfast some days. I’ve been dealing with anxiety kind of extreme. I start worrying about all sorts of things and have to take a minute to breath before I start spiraling. I feel crazy. It’s great.

35 weeks— dr appt was quick today. Dr thinks he isn’t transverse anymore, but she couldn’t tell for sure. Ordered an ultrasound at 37 weeks. I’ve been sick the last week and didn’t think I could take anything, but she let me know I could!! DayQuil, robitussum, etc. I’ve been feeling better- not so much heartburn. I can eat and not feel like there’s no room so I think he’s dropped more. My hips are starting to feel like he’s spreading them apart when he moves and that gets painful. It’s like watching an alien when he moves around. Getting kind of sad that this is the last month of just me and Raylee, but excited to see her as a big sister.

37/38 weeks- Dr appointment tomorrow to see if Jackson is breech still or if he’s turned. I’m still able to wear my wedding ring!!! WOOT WOOT! It is hard to get off when I’m hot though. The other day, me and Raylee were coming home from Tricities and I definitely thought I was in labor. I had a lot of pain my groin and I had to stop at the Horn Rapids MX turn off. When I got out of the car to stand up, the pressure seemed to be better, and then I realized how much I had to pee. I had to reposition the car so the cars passing along the road wouldn’t see me peeing, and then I opened Raylee’s door, and half stood/half squat to pee. Raylee asked me “Mom, what happened to your boots?” Because I peed on them. HA. Heartburn seems to be better, but I can’t eat too much or I feel miserable. Caffeine makes me a happier person. I’ve been SUUUUUPER stressed about everything, but I drank caffeine yesterday and it’s seemed to be better. Nervous to go into labor during the night and not be able to find someone to take Raylee in the wee hours of the morning, but I know it will all work out somehow.

38/39 weeks- dr appt was quick again. Gained 1 lb since last week. I’ve noticed way more swelling, and my ankles a HUGE. My feet aren’t as swollen as I was with Raylee though. Perks of not being on my feet all day. Dr said everything is looking good. Weight is where it should be, my belly is measuring 39 weeks. Dilated to a fingertip, whatever that means, and that we just need to wait. She did say if I haven’t gone into labor next week, but have dilated more, she’ll strip my membrane. YIKES! I’ve been doing ok. When Jackson moves around, it’s starting to get more uncomfortable. I feel like I constantly have butterflies because I don’t know if I’m having a contraction, my bladder is just full, or he’s kicking me in places he shouldn’t be. Just anxiously waiting.

Went into my 40 weeks appointment and there were no changes. Still at about a 1. No contractions just getting more uncomfortable. We set an induction date for 2/17/18. Exciting!!!

40 weeks 2 days- 2/12/2018- woke up at 5 am and it felt like I peed my undies. Went to the bathroom, and wasn’t sure if it was pee or my water. Cleaned up, then contractions started. Nothing consistent, but they HURT. About 7 am lost mucus plug (or started to). Got the the hospital at about 8:45 and they checked me out. I was at a 4/5 and contractions started getting worse. Got labs done and I felt like I was going to die. Contractions were come about every 2 minutes. Moved us into the delivery suite and I was at a 6 so the nurse anesthetist came in for the epidural at about 10:15. It stung during the LA, but was GRRRRRREAT after that. I got sleepy and itchy all over. Got my catheter until I have to push, but now we wait! About an hour later I was at an 8, then another I was at 9.5 but had a little lip of cervix still in the way. Nurse had me start pushing and we were ready! Dr came in and I pushed about 15 minutes and out he came!! We did skin to skin about an hour and he’s a good little sucker! Pulled him off about 4 and he slept for hours. Spit it amniotic fluid a few times. Kind of concerning but nurse said to just watch him. Feeling pretty good, but Justin had to leave and I was kind of sad about it. I didn’t want to be alone.

Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers_0001 Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers

We left the hospital the day after at around 5:30. They were concerned about his bili levels, but let us go home anyways. I was happy to leave the hospital. First night wasn’t too bad, he just woke up a ton. Second night was rough, but third night was the worst so far. My milk barely came in on day 3 and he just wanted to nurse alllllll night- from 10 -3. I ended up supplementing with formula last night because I was so tired and knew he just needed some sleep. Then I put him down and he woke up again a half hour later so i nursed him again and then just held him the rest of the night and we woke up at 7 ish.

Day 3 we went to the hospital for a check up. Jackson had lost like 9.6% of his weight, and they said they start getting concerned at 10% so I’m all stressed. He hadn’t had as many wet diapers as he needed to. His jaundice levels went from a 6.7 to 14.2 in 72 hours, but it wasn’t high enough for treatment, but we’re headed back today for them to recheck. He’s had 3-4 wet diapers since we left the hospital yesterday so I’m hoping that will help. We sat in the window with him nakey this morning to help too. We’ll see what they say after his appointment

Day 4- went to the hospital to check bili levels and they had gone up to 16. He was finally eating better and having wet and poopy diapers, so I know he’s getting something finally! His levels weren’t high enough for treatment but they said keep an eye on his still and we have to go back In 2 days to recheck-Sunday.

Day 6- sleeping (or lack of) has been rough. Jackson still is confused on the whole day/night thing and likes to be awake from 10 pm to 1 or 3 am. He sleeps pretty well from 4-6 am and again a good stretch during the day but I have the hardest time trying to sleep DURING the day. Raylee has been a struggle the past couple days. She isn’t listening, and pressing alllll my buttons. I’m sure she’s feeling neglected, but I might lose it if she doesn’t shape up. We’re on our way to the hospital this morning to recheck J’s bili levels again. Hopefully they’ve finally started to go down instead of rise. He’s still pretty yellow l, but doesn’t seem lethargic AT ALL, and is still eating like all the time. We gave his hair a wash yesterday and he loved it, and he looks so much like his daddy I just want to squeeze him all the time.

His levels were up to 17.4 today. So we have to go back AGAIN tomorrow. It still hasn’t hit a level that they will do treatment, but I’m hoping it starts to go down soon

Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers

Also this is the extent of his “newborn” photos….mom photographer fail. 😐

Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers

1 week-  went to check Jackson’s bili levels again today and it’s finally going down!!! He was at 15 today from yesterday, and the dr said she doesn’t feel like we’ll need to do anymore tests! He’s still waking up every 2 hours at night to sleep, but gives me a few longer stretches during the day. It’s just hard to sleep during the day. Hopefully it continues to get better. Started crying a little today for no reason. Just sad…and tired…

9 days- Jackson got circumcised today. The procedure seemed to go pretty good! It only took about 10 minutes. Before, his doctor gave us all the details on what would happen. Dr P made a comment about how big of a “sack” Jackson had, and then he told his MA that he’d need a bigger clamp if he got a “baby hard on” …HA! Then after the procedure he talked about how great it looked and he didn’t usually comment about them right after….i was laughing… Jackson was pretty sleepy afterwards, he slept for quite a few hours once we got home, and didn’t have a horrible night, but just wanted to snuggle a lot the next day.

WOW! If you made it through all of that (sorry for some TMI), then you made it here- 3 weeks out! Jackson is still not on any sort of schedule as far as sleeping goes. Our days consist of him eating, then sleeping, then being awake for a little bit, then eating, then sleeping, repeat. He is starting to do better at night and sleeping for longer stretches of time, but nothing substantial. He’s still up like every 3 hours, but that’s better than every hour. We’re still adjusting to this life of two kiddos, but I think it keeps getting easier every day. We just love this little guy!!!

Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee PhotographersIntroduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers Introduction Friday Jackson Reed Personal Post Wenatchee Photographers


  1. Marquette Mower

    March 20th, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Seriously, I just can’t get over how beautiful of a baby he is!! Just striking!! I’m so glad he’s here and that life’s adjusting. And I totally feel you on the “Also this is the extent of his “newborn” photos….mom photographer fail. 😐” part…tons of photos of our first, and few photos of our second. Poor second babies, lol.

  2. Misty

    March 20th, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Ha seriously though!!! Something about the lack of sleep + trying to pay attention to a tornado of a toddler…there’s just not enough energy in the world for that. HA 😛

  3. Karen Shoufler

    March 20th, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    This is so sweet! Congrats again! I wish I had written all that down with my kiddos! They will be glad to have this some day. 🙂 He’s precious!

  4. Misty

    March 20th, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you! 🙂 I HOPE they’ll appreciate that I wrote it down. HAHA!

  5. Kate Gansneder

    March 22nd, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    Awww, he is just precious, and I love the journal entries! Such a great way to remember this experience forever – especially the side of the road memory, you’ll have lots of good laughs over that when he’s a teen! Congratulations!

  6. Angela Patrick

    March 26th, 2018 at 8:11 am

    Congratulations, you have a beautiful family and your kids are adorable.

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