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How I Got the Shot | Reflections | For Photographers

I’ve been wanting to implement a series of how I got the shot into my blog for sometime, but I don’t know HOW many times I have this awesome idea for a shot, but either don’t have a second shooter or assistant along with me to take the photo of me getting the shot, or I just flat up and forget to get myself a “pull back” of the shot. I think it’s amazing to go online and see what photographers can create from a mediocre location. There’s photos from some of my photography “mentors” that you look at and they’re completely STUNNING! And then you see that they were actually right next to a dumbster in a shady alley, and your mind is blown even more!

SO cool!

Ryan and Shelby’s wedding was so dang fun. If you missed the initial post, you can check it out here. They got married in Roy over on the wet west side of Washington, so there was plenty of rain, and plenty of puddles. I had hoped to be able to get out in the rain and do some fun shots with puddles, but we ended up staying inside. Puddles = reflections. Reflections = some freaking awesome stuff! But we managed to still get reflections inside! 🙂 There wasn’t a whole lot of space to get a shot of Shelby’s entire dress. To the right of the shot, there was an old tv on a stand, and to the left, there was a floral colored couch.

How I got the shot reflections

I wanted to use the mirror to get the back of the dress with them still in the frame! 🙂 And I loved how it turned out!

bride and groom portraits for Roy General Store Wedding

I absolutely LOVE that I have couples that are willing to let me be a little creative here and there, and are willing to stand still while I try to figure out JUST the right angle. I can’t wait to add more of these fun “How I got the shot” posts on here this year! So keep your peepers out! 🙂



  1. Holy cow I LOVE this!! Super cool! And what a fun idea for a post series!

  2. Jesi says:

    Such a fun shot!! I love it!

  3. I love the way photographers use mirrors and reflective services to create a unique piece of art. Beautifully done!

  4. Joanna says:

    Thanks for sharing!????

  5. What a fun and unique shot!

  6. Holly says:

    So fun! I love BTS stuff – can’t wait to see more like this!

  7. Brittani says:

    What a beautiful shot! It is so cool to see how you were able to highlight a different “view” so to say in the same spot!

  8. Mindy says:

    Great idea for a series. I will definitely be following along with this one.

  9. Jill says:

    Such a lovely shot!

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