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Bella Fiori Gardens | Kennewick WA | Wedding Venue

Bella Fiori Gardens is one of the premier Kennewick Washington wedding venues! It’s one of the only venues in Eastern Washington that was built with weddings in mind. The layout of the gardens is perfect. They really were thinking about weddings when it came down to making a plan for everything.

The Beginning of Bella Fiori Gardens

It started from a great idea. Michelle, the owner, and her sister Wendy own the popular decor company, Sash. They can deck out your wedding to a “T” with their selection of decorations, but when the Bella Fiori location went on the market, Michelle and her husband knew it would be a great opportunity and it would go hand in hand with Sash. It’s their home and they treat it as such. They don’t feel like they could be as great a venue as they are if it wasn’t! There’s so much time and maintenance that goes into the garden, it’s definitely a venue that needs to be cared for on many levels. For instance, Michelle plants over 500 annuals in the spring time to make it even more beautiful!!! I was so shocked by that number, and then she told me the secret! She throws a party in the garden with her friends, and they help her plant! She’s a genius! Another fact that I loved is that it is completely blocked by the wind. Those of us that are from the area know that we have our fair share of wind. The wind generally comes from one direction, but can switch certain times of the year, but you don’t need to worry about it if you pick Bella Fiori Gardens for your wedding venue. The¬†pavilion blocks a good majority of the wind, but they also have two other wind blocks (a row of trees and then arborvitaes) to make the gardens almost complete unfazed by any amount of wind. You won’t need to worry about your decor flying away in the wind or your flowers being blown to bits.

Your Wedding at Bella Fiori Gardens

If you are wanting to book Bella Fiori Gardens as your wedding venue, plan on paying your deposit 9 months to a year before hand. Michelle did let me know that if they have an open day, they can squeeze a few in, but to be safe, and to get the day you want, a year is best! They offer many things as your wedding venue, too! They will provide tables, chairs, tablecloths for the reception, bathrooms for your guests, a prep kitchen with a commercial fridge and freezer, a sound system in the pavilion as well as cafe lighting, a parking lot, as well as a bridal suite for the bride to make finishing preparations, and a BIG one – all set up and take down. Michelle told me that when choosing a venue, it is most important to pick a location that you and your family will feel the least amount of stress possible, and offering set-up and take-down really help with that. It’s nice at the end of the night not to have to worry about tearing everything down when all you want to do is just go to sleep. And as far as customizing your wedding day, they can pull things from their decor company, but they have found that minimal decor is needed because of the setup of the gardens.¬† One of her favorite parts is their 5 30″X27″ crystal chandeliers under their main gazebo. They have really thought about all the little details at this place!! It’s one of my favorite parts of the venue, as well.

So what should we plan on seeing for the future of Bella Fiori Gardens? Michelle let me know that they are working towards getting clear garage-style doors for the pavilion making the garden visible from there, as well as more twinkle lights in their honeysuckle arches. They have about 10,000 now, but are hoping for more in the future (once Christmas light prices go back down ;).

All in all, it really is a gorgeous wedding venue, with amazing chandeliers EVERYWHERE. It would be the perfect location for anyone’s special day!

Bella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Bridal suite chandelier photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Bridal suite photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Bridal Suite love sign photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Bridal suite chair photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Honeysuckle arbor photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer cermony area fountainBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Ceremony area and chandeliers photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Ceremony layout and flower detail photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Honeysuckle tunnel photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Outside the pavillion photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Reception pavillion photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer Indoor pavillion photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer possible pavilion layout photoBella Fiori Gardens Kennewick Photographer pavilion and garden photo



  1. michelle hoffman

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    What a beautiful venue! I would deff book there after looking through these photos!

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    Sash Gals are the BEST!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

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    October 17th, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    What a beautiful wedding venue!

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    October 18th, 2015 at 12:45 am

    Wow! Wonderful article!

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