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New Announcement for Misty C. Photography | Maskcara Makeup

I’ve been a little AWOL recently since this new little baby came into our lives! I haven’t been doing a whole lot besides feeding him, changing poopy diapers all day, and trying to get him to sleep. The first few weeks were kind of a blur, and I’m still over here trying to figure out how it’s almost been six weeks, but I shot my first engagement session last weekend, and have my next on Friday, and I’m excited to get back into things!! But enough about me, this is supposed to be a new announcement post! This is something that has been in the works for just a few months, and I’m so excited to start offering Maskcara makeup for clients that are needing and wanting their makeup done for their shoot!!

Maskcara makeup Stock Photos Feb-0010

I’m not currently offering it for my wedding clients because, ya know, I’m there to photograph the wedding, not do makeup, but who knows! Maybe someday we’ll get there too. I’m currently just offering it to my portrait clients-so my seniors, engagement sessions, boudoir clients, and any other couple sessions!

I know what you’re probably thinking though. What is Maskcara makeup?

It was created by Cara Killpack. She’s a blogger/makeup artist from southern Utah that believed that there was an easier way to give woman a polished look without having to take HOURS to do it. Enter Maskcara. She created Maskcara to help moms and boss ladies be able to have a 3D makeup look easily, and without having to break the bank. It’s SO awesome.

Maskcara makeup Stock Photos Feb-0010

The idea behind it is instead of having so many products, and taking so long to apply, you have 4 products: a highlight, a contour, a blush, and an illuminator. You apply it just like this.

maskcara makeup diagram

From Cara:

“You are not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either. It should be intuitive and personalized. You are unique and your face is an amazing combination of glowing highlight and chiseled shadow. Putting a wash of one foundation color all over your face is diminishing those amazing angles and creating a “flat face” that just isn’t the natural you. Our IIID Foundation makes it easy to customize a palette tailored to your skin tones.

Eliminating the need for layers upon layers of makeup, our 4 step process makes it a light but full coverage that blends together creating a glowing complexion in just minutes. Our refillable palette system eliminates any colors you don’t need, allows you to refill shade by shade, and organizes your routine all into one space. It also makes it easy to change up your look by swapping out colors at any time.”

I’ve love being a part of this movement and one of my FAVORITE parts is how well it photographs!!! I’m so excited to start offering this for my clients, and I can’t wait to see how many of my clients love this stuff as much as I do!


  1. Marquette Mower

    March 22nd, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Maskara has me so dang intrigued!! It sounds awesome!! I really need to get on the stick and get some of this and have you show me how to use it!

  2. Misty

    March 23rd, 2018 at 9:20 am

    We can make that happen!!! 🙂

  3. Jesi

    March 22nd, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    I LOVE Maskcara!! I started using it about a year ago and I actually feel pretty again. And it doesn’t take me hours to get ready in the morning which is a blessing with a 4-month-old! This is so exciting for your clients and something I would TOTALLY take advantage of!

  4. Kate Gansneder

    March 22nd, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Absolutely stunning job on makeup! I am so impressed! You’ve got skills. I’ll definitely be looking into Maskcara!

  5. Karen Shoufler

    March 22nd, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    I’m always so impressed with people who can do makeup well. My 18 year old daughter is so much better than I am! I love your before and after.

  6. Angela Patrick

    March 26th, 2018 at 8:08 am

    That’s awesome that you can offer that service to your portrait clients. That would be something I would take advantage of because I’m not good at makeup!

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